3 Type Fauna of Indonesia

Distribution of Fauna that exist in the territory of Indonesia can be grouped into three different patterns, namely the fauna of the western part of Indonesia, central Indonesia, and eastern Indonesia. The line that separates fauna from Western Indonesia and parts of Central Indonesia is called the Wallace line, whereas the line that separates the fauna from the Central part of Indonesia and the part of Eastern Indonesia is called the Weber Line. 

Spread according to Wallace & Weber
As already mentioned above that the distribution of animals or fauna in Indonesia is divided into three parts. This spread is grouped based on observations and distribution lines made by Wallace and Weber.Fauna in the spread of western part of Indonesia has a characteristic or type as well as fauna in Asia so called Asiatic type fauna (Asiatic). Fauna that exist in the eastern part of Indonesia has a characteristic or type similar to the fauna that live on the Australian continent so-called Australis type fauna (Australic). The fauna that exist in the central part of Indonesia is a transitional fauna that is characteristic or different from the Asiatic or Australis fauna. The fauna has its own characteristics not found elsewhere in Indonesia. This type of fauna is called endemic fauna.

Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) was an explorer & geographer, geographer, anthropologist, and biologist who divided the distribution of Indonesian flora and fauna into two major parts. The first part, located in the western part of Indonesia, has a dispersion of flora and fauna traits similar to that of Asian flora and fauna. The eastern part of Indonesia has a flora & fauna characteristic similar to that of Australia. The line separating the spreading of two parts of the Indonesian flora & fauna is known as the Wallace Line limits the dispersal area for fauna in the west & central Indonesia, while the Weber line limits the distribution area of ​​the fauna from the center of Indonesia to eastern Indonesia.
1). Indonesian fauna in the West
Fauna with distribution in parts of Western Indonesia or type asiatis covers the region of Sumatra, Java, Bali, and Kalimantan. Large mammals are found in many parts of Indonesia such as elephant, tiger, tapir, one-horned rhinoceros, buffalo, buffalo, deer, wild boar, orang utan, monkey, bekantan, and others. In addition to the spread of mammals, in this region of Indonesia is also found many reptiles such as snakes, crocodiles, geckos, lizards, geckos, lizards, chameleons, turtles, and pangolins. Various types of birds that can be found such as owls, crows, starlings, eagles, peacocks, kutilang, & various poultry. Various kinds of freshwater fish such as pesut (a type of dolphin in the Mahakam River) can be found in this region of Indonesia.
contoh fauna Indonesia bagian Barat
example of Western fauna of Indonesia

2). Indonesian Fauna in the Middle or Transitional Type of Indonesia
Fauna with distribution in the Central part of Indonesia is a transitional or Austral Asiatic type. Central Indonesia's fauna region also called the islands of the archipelago Wallace, including Sulawesi, Maluku, Timor, and Nusa Tenggara and a number of small islands around the islands of Indonesia. Fauna that inhabit this region of Indonesia include pig deer, anoa, mermaid, cuscus, black monkey, horse, cow, saba monkey, bear, tarsier, cow, & bull. In addition there are also reptiles, amphibians, & various species of birds. Reptiles contained in the spread of this region of Indonesia include lizards, dragons, crocodiles, & snakes. Various kinds of bird fauna found in the territory of Indonesia are maleo, birds of gods, mandar, king of shrimp, hornbill, & parrot parrot.
contoh fauna Indonesia bagian Tengah
example of Central fauna of Indonesia

3). Fauna Indonesia in Eastern Indonesia
Fauna with spread in eastern Indonesia or called australic type spread in the territory of Papua, Halmahera, and Aru Islands. Fauna in the form of mammals that inhabit this region of Indonesia include kangaroos, bears, wallabies, porcupine (nokdiak), cuscus, climbers marsupial (oposum kite), tree kangaroos, and bats. In the region of Indonesia, there is no ape. In addition to these mammals, there is also a distribution of reptiles such as lizards, crocodiles, snakes, lizards. Various species of birds are found in Indonesia's spreading areas including birds of cenderawasih (endemic birds typical of eastern Indonesia), parrots, king prawns, cassowaries, and namudur. The type of freshwater fish that is in relatively little.
Beberapa spesies fauna Indonesia bagian Timur.
Several species of fauna are typical in the eastern part of Indonesia

Although 45% of Indonesia's territory is not yet inhabited and largely covered by tropical forests, Indonesia's growing population is growing higher and the development of Indonesia's industrialization will affect the existence of the fauna slowly. After studying the spread of various fauna, we can draw the conclusion that type and type of fauna of each region in our beloved country Indonesia has a diversity between the regions of Indonesia with each other according to the spread of the region that has been described above.
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