Medicinal plants Brotowali

Medicinal plants Brotowali (Tinospora crispa) is a herb native to Indonesia that has been since the time of our ancestors are believed to be useful for health. The most commonly used part of this plant is its trunk. Common stem brotowali boiled or can also be a topical drug. The stew is very bitter taste like betel stew so many are reluctant to eat it.
Although it may be very uncomfortable, but behind it there are benefits of herbs to help reduce rheumatic pain, lower blood glucose levels, relieve fever, and even to treat malaria . Hereditary, brotowali stems are also commonly used traditionally to treat scurvy skin disease.
In Indonesia this plant has a variety of names called beside brotowali. In some areas for example called by name andawali, antawali, roots aliali, leaf gadgets, and putrawali. Brotowali including the species of climbing clumps. The height of the brotowali rod can reach 2.5 m and is the size of the little finger with the pimples on its surface. Brotowali plants can live well in hot places.
Brotowali leaves include single-stemmed leaves and resemble liver with a pointed tip.The length of the leaf is approximately 7 to 12 cm and its width is 5 to 10 cm.Brotowali flowers are small and have a light green color. This plant is usually cultivated by cuttings.


Brotowali rods contain compounds of barberin, pikroretin, tinokrisposid, tannin, saponin, palmatin, kolumbin, starch, and kaempferol. Other compounds that are owned brotowali namely tinosporine, N-trans-feruloyl tyramine, N-cis-feruloyl tyramine, tinobuberide borapetoside A, borapetol A ceryl, berasitosterol, fitosterol, and stigmasterol. Brotowali leaves contain a kind of alkaloids and a kind of substance called boorsma . While at the root there are many berberin and kolumbin compounds.

Benefits of Brotowali Medicinal Plants

Brotowali has long been used in traditional medicine, both for internal and external diseases. The bark of brotowali contains a berberine alkaloid which is useful for killing bacteria in open wounds. Therefore stew brotowali water can be used to wash and clean the wound.
Pikroretin bitter substance owned brotowali able to stimulate the nerve work for the respiratory organs can work well and also serves to reduce the heat of fever.Regarding the efficacy of brotowali as antidiabetes, research has been done using mice. The active compounds in brotowali are shown to stimulate insulin production through pancreatic Ca2 + beta cells.
In the Indo-China region, all parts of the brotowali plant are used as fever-lowering drugs. In the Philippines, brotowali is considered a panacea whose properties resemble quinine plants, commonly used for the treatment of malaria . In Bali, stems of brotowali medicinal plants are used to treat stomach pain, jaundice, fever, and as a topical medication to relieve back pain and backache. And in Java, stew brotowali water is often used to treat wounds, itching, and reduce fever.

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